Hello! As many of you have been made aware, I’ve been busy working away on this Ravio-centred Link Between Worlds fanbook: Two Worlds ◆ Two Heroes. It’s a fully illustrated book of self-indulgent headcanons, such as the ones I’ve been posting on tumblr

Product Details:
▼ soft cover
▼ B5 (approximately 7x10”)
▼ 24 pages
▼ full colour
▼ illustrations and mini comics (1-3 pages per segment)

Shipping Details:
▼ $4.00 Within Canada 
▼ $6.00 To United States 
▼ $10.00 Internationally

Preorder Bonus:
▼ an exclusive mini-print! 
▼ a randomized 20 orders (1 order = 1 book) get a double-sided clear acrylic RavioLi charm! Yay!!

I’m making an effort to have this available at Anime North 2014 at earliest, but if the books don’t make it by then, it will be available at Anime Expo 2014 and online. I don’t have plans on going to a Vancouver convention this year. If you plan on buying a copy at these abovementioned conventions, please do not purchase online, for there will be no pick-ups. Thank you everyone for your interest and support, I really appreciate it!! ;-;

(The books are already in production hehe!!) 

*u* BUY THISSSS GUYSSSSS!! All the illustrations in this book are beautiful ;__;.

登録カテゴリ: buy this plz not my art

letiku asked:
Hi Noa! I just found you in DA and I really loved your art, and I was wondering if it's okay to ask for your brush settings? > <

Aw thank you so much! As for brushes, I sometimes change according how I feel, but recently I’ve just been using a solid brush that is shaped like a wonky rectangle with the flow setting set to pen pressure.

If on the rare chance I want a lower opacity, I just change it manually with the number pad (if you press 7, it’ll become 70% opacity, 00 for 100%, etc)

If you’re interested in my full brush set though you can download it here:

but just a warning that there are a TON of brushes that I’ve yet to filter out everything and so the file is quite big. The first few are really the ones I use the most.